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Definition of cord from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Examples of cord. The patients represent a convenience sample taken from a population of patients who had received either a spinal cord stimulator or an implantable pain pump.
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Drivers will have to find places to charge their vehicles, which is trickier than fueling up at a gas station, especially if you dont live in a place where you can just run an extension cord from your house out to your car.
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Middle English corden to" string a bow, in part derivative of cord, corde cord entry 1, in part borrowed from Anglo-French corder to" tie with a cord." Learn More About cord. Post the Definition of cord to Facebook Share the Definition of cord on Twitter Time Traveler for cord.
CoRD: Remote Desktop for Mac OS X.
This makes quickly connecting to a specific server easy, even when managing many servers. Download CoRD 0.5.7. Searching Servers with CoRD. More Inspector Goodness. CoRD General Preferences. CoRD Session Default Preferences. CoRD Forwarding Preferences. CoRD Advanced Preferences. 2006-2020 Dorian Johnson.
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Chronic obstructive respiratory disease or CORD, an alternate name for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Mycelial cord, a structure, used by fungi to transfer nutrients over larger distances. Umbilical cord, a tube that connects a developing embryo or fetus to its placenta.
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If" they buy three cords of birch logs, said the witch, but" they must be exact measure and no bargaining about the price, and if they throw overboard the one cord of logs, piece by piece, when the first sea comes, and the other cord, piece by piece, when the second sea comes, and the third cord, piece by piece, when the third sea comes, then it's' all over with us."
CORD Platform Central Office Rearchitected as a Datacenter ONF.
CORD provides a complete integrated platform, integrating everything needed to create a complete operational edge datacenter with built-in service capabilities, all built on commodity hardware using the latest in cloud-native design principles. WATCH CORD: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PLATFORM VIDEO.

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